The Association des travailleurs grecs du Québec is a working class mass democratic organization, autonomous and independent of governments and political organizations, which unites the Greek workers of Quebec, regardless of gender, religion, ideology or political beliefs.

Through its services, the Association informs Greek immigrants, helps them in acting to face their problems, to benefit from services and social programs, to claim their labor and social rights.

It promotes the harmonious integration of Greek immigrants into the broader host society, through a politics focused on providing them with the services they need, on facilitating them to learning the local French language, to ensure equal treatment at the workplace and in public sector employment, and generally to ensure their equal participation in all sectors of society.

At the same time, it strives to recognize the contribution of immigrants to the social, economic and cultural development of the societies of Quebec and of Canada, to respect and uphold their right to preserve their mother tongue and to promote their cultural heritage.

The Association promotes in its members the principles of unity, solidarity, cooperation and mutual respect with all the workers of Quebec, regardless of their national origin.

It actively participates in the struggles of the labour, popular and progressive movements and is a bridge of friendship and solidarity between the Greek community and the wider society. Through these relations, it promotes solutions to the particular problems of diaspora Greeks and promotes the national issues of our particular homeland, in accordance with the interests of the Greek people.

The Association condemns any manifestation of nationalism, chauvinism, racism or discrimination, as well as the oppression and exploitation of human beings by other human beings. It supports the peaceful settlement of disputes and the development of co-operation relations between countries based on their mutual interests.

It fights for the gender equality in all sectors of society and guides the new generation in dealing with its problems through its active participation in social struggles.

Transparency and the democratic way of functioning are fundamental principles of the Association. The General Assembly of its members is the governing body and its regulations guarantee the right to full information, equality of all members, the free and responsible expression of all opinions, the protection of the rights of the minority and respect for the decisions taken. based on the democratic principle of the majority of its members.

The strength and influence of the Association stems from the massive active participation of Greek workers in its activities and in general from the awareness of the need for a collective approach to their problems.