47th Anniversary of the Polytechnic Uprising

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Announcement of the Association de travailleurs grecs du Québec and the Association of Resistance Fighters for the 47th Anniversary of the Polytechnic Uprising

As every year, this year we celebrate the 47th anniversary of the Polytechnic uprising.

For the first time we will not be able to honor the dead of the Polytechnic uprising, in the hospitable hall of the Association, as the conditions of the pandemic do not allow us to do so.

November 17 is this year, like every year, a day of remembrance but mainly of struggle for the working class, the people and the youth. Like every year, this year is a day when the genuine anti-imperialist slogans of our people will be heard loudly.

This year’s anniversary is of special importance, because its fighting message can and must mean the continuation of the struggle of our people throughout this period to protect their health, to ensure a better life, based on its potentials of our times. No one can stand in the expressions of honour and struggle, as well as the forms that unions, associations, student unions and resistance organizations will choose to invite the people and the youth to participate.

And so we from here in Montreal, unite our voice with all of them and tell the Greek government and those who “announce” that the Polytechnic “will not be celebrated”, that permission to the working class and the youth has been given by the Uprising’s dead, in the history of the struggles of the people and the youth, as in the Polytechnic, with dead workers and students, against the dictatorship of the colonels, against the power of capital as a whole, which over time crushes the lives and needs of the people. From them we get permission, as well as from the need to build a society that will meet our dreams and needs. Like all previous years, this year too, the thunderous message from the Polytechnic uprising will reach everywhere.

47 years after the uprising of November 1973, the struggle for “Bread – Education – Freedom” continues. The struggle to get the people to throw out the US and NATO must intensify.

“Especially today, when the dirty US-NATO-EU plans to the detriment of the peoples of the region are under way, there is a need to hear even louder the slogan ‘OUT THE US – OUT NATO’, which inspired thousands of people in November 1973”.

We simultaneously honor the Polytechnic and its timeless messages, taking all measures to protect the health of workers and the people. This will signal in practice that “The Polytechnic lives” in today’s struggles, under all conditions!