CPE workers strike

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The Association des travailleurs grecs du Québec salutes the great mobilization of CPE workers in Quebec and calls for solidarity with their fight for decent working conditions and a quality public service, properly funded relative to its importance for the people of Quebec.

The week of November 1 was marked by a 2-day strike by union members at the CSQ and 3 days by those of the CSN. This is the third stage of rotating strikes in the sector since the strike mandates were adopted. We believe that the facts demonstrate the correctness of the demands on the part of these qualified workers who maintain a quality network – a network that remains unique in North America, a conquest of the feminist and union movements of Quebec.

A public network of day care centers allows access to work for countless families and offers an educational service that does not exist elsewhere. Quebec is in a position to better fund this exceptional service, which is what these educators and other childcare workers in Quebec are asking for. We support them in their struggle.