Announcement for the 215 children

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The Association of Greek Workers of Québec would like to extend our condolences and solidarity to those affected by the recent discovery of a mass grave on the grounds of the former Kamloops Indian Residential School. The remains of 215 children were confirmed to be buried there, highlighting the callous brutality of Canada’s treatment of Indigenous children and families.

The Catholic Church, which operated the KISR, has refused to apologize for its role in the genocidal residential school program. The Canadian government, for its part, has apologized but continues many similar policies which are well documented and part of the calls to action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Indeed, Indigenous children die in foster care at rates which bring to mind residential schools, and the federal government continues to fight against Indigenous childrens’ advocates who are asking for equality in education, health and so on.

The Association of Greek Workers of Québec stands firmly against racist discrimination, both historic and contemporary. We call upon the labour movement and other progressive movements, to stand with Indigenous nations who struggle for the right to national self-determination on their ancestral lands. We also call upon all levels of government and civil society to fully implement their own laws against national oppression of Indigenous peoples and to put an end to this horrible legacy of colonialism.